The Apex Tool and Cutter Company
Beacon Falls, CT 06403
Manufacturers of:
  • The Original Shankless Adjustable Inserted Tool Bits and Holders
  • Inserted Blade Milling Cutters and Combination Tools of Every Description
  • Round Shank Tool Bits and Holders
For Use On:
Lathes - Shapers - Planers - Boring Mills - Slotters - Profilers
Milling Machines - Drill Presses - Wheel Lathes - Multiple Turret Machines
  • "APEX" Tools for Railroad Shop Work
  • Special Tools to Order: Of All Cutting Material
  • Tipped Tools: Of All Carbides and Cast Alloys
Please contact:
Joseph Norton
The Apex Tool and Cutter Company
59 Old Turnpike Rd.
Beacon Falls, CT 06403
Phone: (203) 888-8970
Fax: (203) 881-0178