The Apex Tool and Cutter Company
"APEX" Serrated Milling Cutter Blades
Apex blades cover a wide range of sizes, material and shape.
All APEX serrated milling cutter blades are manufactured of the finest materials available. They are furnished with sufficient extra stock to allow for finish grinding when inserted in cutters. High Speed Steel and Cobalt High Speed Steel blades are DROP FORGED in closed dies to assure density and long service. This method insures the user of the ultimate in quality. Selected steels are properly hardened, tempered, and ground to size. With APEX tipped blades, carbide and cast alloy tips are carefully "wet-brazed" to forged alloy blades and finish ground to size.
When Ordering use blade numbers stamped on your cutter bodies.
H or HA or none - High Speed Steel
CC - Cobalt High Speed Steel
VH - T-15 (Vasco Supreme) High Speed Steel
TT - Carbide Tipped (specify material to be cut)
We will quote proces on blades of special design and specifications. Such prices are on an equal basis with standard items: thus assuring you, the user, a source of "production priced" blades which are tailor-made for your job requirements. Prices are subject to acceptance within 30 days.
We furnish tipped blades, but do not guarantee the performance of these materials.