The Apex Tool and Cutter Company
"APEX" Standard Tool Holders
All "APEX" holders are manufactured of the finest materials available. Most are DROP FORGED of nickel chrome alloy steel, heat treated for maximum toughness and durability where practical. A most rigid tool as the seat is made of DROP FORGED tempered steel. The seat protects the life of the holder and can easily be replaced if necessary, when damaged. The taper seat pulls the tool bit into position until it is securely locked on three sides. By mating serrations on the bottom of the tool bit and on the seat, tools can be adjusted in steps of .060 sideways. Thus, the tool bits are adjustable for wear and being lower in cost than solid tools, have the advantage of controlled costs on shop work. tool bits are made in many sizes for the light, medium, or heavy work and any one size is interchangeable in holders of the same numerical size for any type machine.
A tool bit can be changed without disturbing the holder thereby maintaining the original set up. (See separate sheets for tool bit details.) Standard size holders are listed but shanks of special dimensions or design can be furnished when desired.
Straight Holders
For Lathes, Planers, Shapers and Boring Mills.
The design of straight holders is advantaheous for these machines, as it allows them to be held as short as desired in the head. This assures rigidity and permits the heaviest of cuts to be taken.
Gooseneck Planer Holders
Generally accepted shaper for planer work. Provides "underhung" tool height to minimize chatter and lift when under severe strain. Holders for undercutting (with clapper box) can be furnished.
Universal Clapper Box Holders
For Planers.
Head of holder can be adjusted to any angle by loosening the top screw so that head parts from shank to relocate to any angle desired without removing holder from machine.
Side Support Holders
For Lathes, Turret Lathes and Boring Mills.
Has many advantages over other types as it has double support. Not only is the holder locked down in the tool post recess, but its shoulder also bears securely against the side of the tool post. Can be held without any overhang and does away with all vibration. The width of the holder is made 1/8" narrower then the depth of the tool post to be sure of side support.
Offset Holders
For Lathes, Vertical Lathes, Boring Mills, and Shapers.
This style holder will replace costly solid tools. Made 45° or 90° offset for both right and left hand work. Can be furnished with special offset or sizes when required.
Boring Holders
For Lathes, Vertical Lathes and Boring Mills.
Extra length 90° offset holders for inside lathe boring.
Universal Clapper Box Slotter Holders
For Vertical machines: Slotters, Keyseaters and Shapers.
Head of holder can be located in different positions without removing holder from machine. A strong and rigid tool for the run of heavy work and easy for the operator to handle alone. Made with clapper box to prevent dragging on return stroke.
Spring Type Holders and Adapters
For Shapers and Planers.
Used for finishing operations, to absorb vibrations, thus producing chatter free finishes.