The Apex Tool and Cutter Company
"APEX" Standard Tools
All APEX tool bits are DROP FORGED in closed dies of special analysis High Speed Steel, or Cobalt High Speed Steel, carefully hardened and tempered and furnished ground, ready for immediate use. Drop forging of steel kneads, densens, and toughens the grain structure and gives longer life between grinds than commercial types of High Speed Steels. The tools bits are adjustable for wear and are lower in cost than solid tools. All shapes shown are carried in stock for immediate shipment and guaranteed against manufacturing imperfections. Standard shapes of tool bits are listed and any shapes selected can be used with standard holders shown in another section.
Tool Size #4   Tool Size #6   Tool Size #8   Tool Size #9
Tool bits are supplied in sizes 4, 6, 8, and 9. All shapes of any one size are interchangeable in all holders of the same numerical size. Tool bit sizes and holder sizes are designated by the first digit of the catalog number. Example: All shapes of sizes #6 tool bits are interchangeable in all styles of #6 holders. ie. Catalog 6aa52-2 holders uses #6 series tool bits, any shape, such as catalog # HA6488. Tool height is not altered when tool bits are changed in a holder which is being used.
Available shapes and sizes of round shank tool bits are shown in another section.
We furnish tipped tools, but do not guarantee the performance of cast alloys, or carbides.
When ordering serrated tools, use the tool numbers marked on the tool shanks and as shown in the catalog. Please furnish additional information, if requested, on the page where the tool is shown. Affix symbol to the tool number desired to identify cutting material of tool.
HA - High Speed Steel
CCA - Cobalt High Speed Steel
VHA - T-15 (Vasco Supreme) High Speed Steel
TTA - Carbide Tipped (specify material to be cut)
We will help you choose the best material for your applications if you so desire.
If you wish to add a radius, angle or chamfer; change length or width, etc. merely indicate your requirements. Extra charge will be made according to work done. Other shapes can be furnished as they are made from standard forgings which we carry in stock for the purpose. A variety of special tools is illustrated in the SPECIAL HOLDERS AND TOOLS section.